1 thought on “When I got home from my buddy’s house, dad was reminding me Sundays are for family.

  1. Dad loves a “naked Sunday” outside sitting on the porch. He loves a slight breeze while he “soaks up nature” as it is for him and his family and soon the other men of the family will join him. When most of the men of the family have gathered, they will begin “rubbing-one-out” and the thoughts of sucking and fucking consume their minds. The best is Uncle Joe who has monster balls and a 10.5″ thick/monster cock and a muscle/furry ass and asshole. It’s not unusual when his cock and balls as well as his ass are fingered, stroked and sucked; then, comes Uncle Joe fucking three to four men for a highlight of the get together on the porch and on the living room floor! It’s a family who is together, stays together and fucks together. Such is my envy!!! Ron Miller

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